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The Abbey of Gethsemani

"Morgan Atkinson's film captures beautifully the rhythms of monastic life at the Cistercian Abbey of Gethsemani. Weaving together individual interviews with extensive footage of the monks at work and at prayer, Gethsemani explores with respect, insight and appealing touches of humor both the unique vocation and the essential humanity of these contemporary representatives of an ancient, still vital tradition."
Dr. Patrick F. O’Connell, editor of the Merton Seasonal and the Thomas Merton Encyclopedia

"(This) is truly one of the finest independent productions we’ve seen here."
Craig Cornwell, director of production for Kentucky Educational Television

"Morgan Atkinson's film of Gethsemani is a journey to a foreign place hidden in the heart of Kentucky, but a place with a message our world is crying out to hear. It is an extraordinary film about an extraordinary place."
Dr. Paul Pearson, Director, Thomas Merton Center

"Gethsemani’ is an honest and compelling look at the monastic life. I appreciated that it neither romanticiized or trivialized this valuable vocation. ‘Gethsemani’ is a viewing experience that enriches on several levels and I'd recommend it to anyone interested the spiritual life."
Fr. Ronald Knott, Director, Vocations Office, Archdiocese of Louisville.

Two new programs about life at the Abbey of Gethsemani are now available. Gethsemani is an hour-long documentary that provides a behind-the-wall look at one of the world's most famous monasteries,. It is being warmly received by admirers of Thomas Merton, visitors to Gethsemani and those interested in the monastic life. It informs, inspires and stimulates reflection about spiritual questions every person must ultimately confront. Gethsemani will be aired on Kentucky public television in 2003. National airdates are also planned.
Time in the Garden is a 23-minute video which is in many ways a companion piece to Gethsemani. The longer program employs traditional documentary techniques while Time in the Garden is more contemplative in its approach. It takes a meditative look at four seasons of life at the Abbey including rare footage of Thomas Merton's hermitage, the Easter Vigil, a monastic funeral and other unique aspects of Gethsemani life gleaned from 18 months of taping.

Available by e-mailing, or buy the Gethsemani documentary for $25 plus $5 for shipping and the Time in the Garden video for $15 plus $5 for shipping. Send a check or money order with shipping information and quantities desired to:

Duckworks, Inc.
1236 Texas Street
Louisville, KY 40204
502) 637-7840

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Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton

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Gethsemani DVD


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