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Audience watch Soul Searching

One man’s search has helped light the way for millions

Fire"Soul Searching is a powerful, rich and rewarding meditation on the life of Thomas Merton. It not only provides valuable insights into who Merton was and why he wrote as he did, but invites viewers to look deeply inside themselves as well, using Merton's words and the reflections of both scholars and those who knew him personally."
Paul Wilkes
Writer, Director, Co-Producer
of the 1985 PBS documentary
"Merton: A Film Biography"

Reflection Pond"Soul Searching is a film that integrates Merton's life and his important insights as highlighted by many people in the film who truly understand that message. It could only have been produced by someone who "gets it" -- someone who is soul searching and on the journey himself. Atkinson is representing all those people whose lives have been influenced or changed by Thomas Merton, and as such, ‘Soul Searching’ is a both a work of gratitude and a gift to those who will discover Merton's transforming vision through this film.”"
Robert Toth,
Executive Director
The Merton Institute for
Contemplative Living

Merton's Retreat"With grace and candor, Morgan Atkinson captures the diverse - sometimes contradictory - aspects of Thomas Merton's personality and life in this thorough and moving portrait of the brilliant Trappist monk whose writing continues to attract and influence readers around the world."
Dianne Aprile,
author of "Gethsemani, Place of Peace and Paradox"

"Viewing Morgan Atkinson's film on Thomas Merton proved to be a profoundly religious experience. It brings out so well the paradoxical character of Merton, the monk, poet, peace activist, and spiritual writer who influenced the lives of so many during his short life. Highly recommended."
Br. Patrick Hart, monk of Gethsemani and Merton's last secretary

"Thomas Merton could easily be called the greatest spiritual writer of the 20th century in English-speaking America"
Lawrence Cunningham

"I find Merton, not so much a relic of the ’60s, rather I don’t know if we’ve caught up with him yet."
Sr. Kathleen Deignan

Those interviewed include Fr. Daniel Berrigan, Anthony Padovano, Michael Mott, Dom John Eudes Bamberger, Br. Paul Quenon, Lawrence Cunningham, Paul Elie, Christine Bochen, Robert Inchausti, Martin Marty, Sr. Elena Malits, Colman McCarthy, Jonathan Montaldo, Fr. John Dear, Sr. Kathleen Deignan and others.

Monastic AreaThomas Merton – Trappist monk, “believing beatnik,” brilliant author of books, essays and poetry, all rooted in his lifelong search for meaning. He is one of the most authentic and enduring voices of the 20th century, a man who truly lived the search he writes about.

Now here is the documentary that goes to the heart of Merton’s spiritual journey. Award-winning producer Morgan Atkinson spent years researching Merton’s work, as well as interviewing Merton friends, scholars and authorities on the spiritual life. Atkinson’s cameras reveal life at the Abbey of Gethsemani, Merton’s home of 27 years, as well as Merton’s path in New York City, Redwoods Monastery (California) and Christ in the Desert Monastery (New Mexico). The picture that emerges from Atkinson’s study provides provocative insights into the interior landscape of one of the spiritual giants of modern times while capturing the haunting physical beauty of the geography that both nurtured and shaped Merton.

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Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton

Fr. Daniel Berrigan

Morgan Atkinson

Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton - CLIP 01:
Abbot James Fox allows Merton more solitude.

Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton - CLIP 02:
Merton as teacher

Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton - CLIP 03:
Merton leaves for Asia.

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Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton

Soul Searching DVD


Gethsemani DVD

Gethsemani DVD



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