My name is Morgan Atkinson. I’m a documentary writer and producer from Louisville, Kentucky,
and I have spent 30+ years focusing on people or groups seeking meaning in our rapidly changing culture.

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Over my career, I have written and produced more than 16 long-form documentaries that have been broadcast on PBS stations across the United States. I hope you find something enjoyable if not provocative among these stories of people who have inspired me, from Thomas Merton to Harlan Hubbard to John Howard Griffin.

Some of my documentaries are available to rent or own through this site by streaming video, and some by DVD. If you would like a video that you don’t see available here, feel free to contact me. And of course, let me know of any thoughts or questions. Documentaries are made to inform, inspire and maybe instigate change.

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Morgan Atkinson on Location

About Morgan Atkinson

Morgan Atkinson has worked as a communications professional since 1975. In 1985, he established his own video production company, Duckworks, Inc.

A native of Louisville, KY Atkinson writes and produces programs that examine issues of community and culture. Atkinson’s work has been featured nationwide on PBS, on KET (Kentucky’s PBS affiliate) and various film festivals.